June updates

Memory Work

Dear readers,
I am writing with a few updates.

Tomorrow at noon ET, I will be participating in a conversation with artist, Zinnia Naqvi as part of my remote residency with Ada X. If you’d like to join, you can find more information below:

Memory Work: A conversation between Aarati Akkapeddi and Zinnia Naqvi
Friday, June 18, 12pm - 1pm
Online / Free / Register via this link
Facebook Event

Additionally, I’ve written up a “dispatch” from my remote residency. I’d love it if you took a look and send any thoughts or feedback: I knew that if I walked in your footsteps, it would become a ritual. I haven’t finished my work from this residency yet, but I’ve included some in progress material in the post.

And finally a personal update, which is that I am going on a cross-country road-trip with Dann (my partner) and papaya (my dog daughter) all through July and early August. Some stops are still in the air, but if anyone wants to meet up or has any suggestions for places/things to do let me know! Here is the loose list of stops:

  • leaving from New York

  • Camping TBD where in between

  • New Orleans

  • Austin

  • El Paso

  • New Mexico ? (Maybe stopping in Zuni to see the Zuni map project)

  • Los Angeles

  • The bay area (SF)

  • Eagle Point in Oregon ?

  • somewhere in Montana

  • Detroit

  • Columbus

  • ??? Back home to NY

I hope you all are having a wonderful pride month. Sending you all a lot of love.

- Aarati